I’m a freelance writer, journalist, and editor.

As an Associate Producer for the Digital Programming team at CNN, starting as an intern in 2016, I produce, edit, package, and program CNN’s digital content. My work has been featured across all of CNN’s digital platforms, and garner views and clicks in the millions for both traditional articles and videos, one of which was heralded as one of the buzziest of 2017. My specialty lies in crafting eye-catching, audience-drawing headlines and imagery that creates engagement and inspires conversation. 

In my freelance career, I’ve had bylines in Teen Vogue, The Daily Dot, Vice, and INSIDER, focusing on pop culture and trending news. I regularly pitch content and am always looking for the next story to take the world by storm, change the conversation, or offer a new spin on an old tale. 

Passions beyond breaking news and the written word include playing soccer, writing and performing stand-up comedy and hanging out with my favorite brainstorming partner -- my dog Rihanna.