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Student protests growing over gender-equal dress codes


High school boys wearing dresses strike a pose with big smiles on their faces. They know they're breaking school rules, but they hope their gender-defying outfits will spark change.

In Defense of Keeping Your Relationship Offline


When my boyfriend and I decided to keep our relationship off social media, it was about choosing to live in the moment and refusing to perform love for validation.

Artists seek to create sense of welcome and play on Buford Highway with BuHi Lights


A strip mall on one of Georgia’s most dangerous highways may seem an unlikely setting to create a playful new environment for kids, but We Love BuHi founder and executive director Marian Liou is determined to bring art and a sense of play to Doraville’s Pinetree Plaza on Buford Highway.

This Woman Had Her Thumb Amputated Because of Cancer Reportedly Caused By Biting Her Nails

Teen Vogue

Australian student Courtney Whithorn said she started biting her nails in 2014 while she was being bullied in her last year of school. After biting her nails as a way to cope with stress and anxiety, the 20-year-old reportedly developed a rare form of skin cancer on her thumb and had to get it amputated above the knuckle.

Why I’m Glad I Went To Group Therapy, Even Though I Was Terrified


The truth was that going to a group therapy session once a week for eight weeks sounded like a nightmare.